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Hi! ^^ Welcome to pink_meringue. This is moonchild10's writing/icon journal! If you'd like you can

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21st-Dec-2010 03:06 pm - Still alive
pink girl
So, I'm not dead yet.
Just dropping a quick note to say that I've got new graphics on the way.
Look out!
So, I'm more addicted to this pairing than I'm willing to admit XD I'm buying a gorgeous art piece from yurecia, and I made some icons using said piece. I have permission to make these, and credit for the art goes to Yurecia! Thanks! ^^

and now for something we hope you'll really likeCollapse )
20th-Apr-2009 01:45 pm - Loveless Icons
pink girl
Here's a gigantic batch of Loveless icons. Mostly just Soubi and Ritsuka XD

suki daiyo, Risuka...Collapse )
13th-Mar-2009 01:27 pm - Tamaki x Haruhi icons!
TamaHaru kiss
So guess what? TamaHaru icons, that's what! XD There are quite a few duplicate images with different text/effects, but for once I actually like the entire batch! Lots of song lyrics, too XD
Enjoy ^^

daddy knows best!Collapse )
20th-Feb-2009 03:28 pm - Misa Icons (Death Note)
TamaHaru bear
Misa is pretty much my favorite DN character (beside Mello and Matsuda), so I just had to make icons of her. She has the best fashion sense ever.
Some of these icons were made with screenshots from the anime, and the others were made from screenshots of the "Death Note Kira" video game... I think it's for DS.

Misa's going to break Takada-bitch's legs!Collapse )
19th-Feb-2009 03:41 pm - Howl's Moving Castle icons!
pink girl
So anyway, I'm foaming at the mouth in excitement waiting for my copy of Diana Wynne Jones' novel "Howl's Moving Castle" to arrive, and while I wait I decided to kill my suspense by making some icons based on the movie, which is amazing XD

For those of you in my flist that don't know, Howl is a flamboyant, vain wizard who likes to fly and takes too many baths. Watch the movie (or read the novel), seriously!

you can't talk about the curse!Collapse )
9th-Jan-2009 03:23 pm - Save a Dance for Me
Kasanoda friendship
This an Ouran one-shot speculating on the affair between Tamaki's parents in France. I love writing about the minor characters, and I hope some of you can share my love of this pairing XD

make sure to save a dance for meCollapse )
7th-Jan-2009 03:23 pm - Crystal
TamaHaru bear
This is a one-shot based on Marianne Curley's "Guardians of Time" trilogy, and takes place immediately after the ending of The Key. Beware of severe spoilers if you haven't finished the series. If you haven't read the books, it will still make SOME sense.

where does an immortal go when he dies?Collapse )
1st-Dec-2008 12:37 pm - In Full Bloom
TamaHaru bear
This is a Tamaki x Haruhi ficlet written for ouran_contest's word prompt challenge "free". Just a little drabble dripping with tons of fluff.

I bloom when I'm with you...Collapse )
20th-Nov-2008 01:41 pm - Judgment Day
TamaHaru bear
This is a Death Note fic. It's Mello x Matt with some drama and angst, and is loosely based on Bon Jovi's "Santa Fe". Enjoy! ^^

I save a prayer when I need it most and sign it from a sinner with no nameCollapse )
20th-Nov-2008 01:11 pm - First Time for Everything
Kasanoda friendship
XD this is a Yuujirou x Mikoto one-shot originally written in response to a request at my Puri Puri meme. It was more fun to write than it should have been.

stolen kisses and boys in dresses...Collapse )
18th-Nov-2008 01:36 pm - Frustrations (fic for migi_47)
pink girl
Here's your fic, Migi! ^^ I thought it was only fitting that I make it a Mitaka x Akira one, so it is. Yay! Thanks again!
If anyone else would like me to write a one-shot for them, you can go ahead and click here.

the thing about Akira Sakamoto is...Collapse )
TamaHaru bear
YAY! Princess Princess icons! These are Akira Sakamoto x Toui C. Mitaka, and all the images come from Tsuda-sensei's own doujinshi about them, which I got from migi_47. YAY! THANKS AGAIN!

icons of my OPT 8DCollapse )
14th-Nov-2008 03:44 pm - More Ouran Host Club icons!
pink girl
WEEE! More Ouran Host Club icons! Mostly Tamaki this time, because I adore him. But there are others, too! And Eclair makes a guest appearance.

here there be iconsCollapse )
13th-Nov-2008 01:32 pm - Stars Up There
Kasanoda friendship
This is a fic I wrote about two of my characters. They show up in Street Angel, which is a novel I'm writing with my sister, kiramekineko. The LJ comm for SA is omg_streetangel XD Join?
So, this is Kuro x Kureno, and it takes place when Kureno was 15 and Kuro was in college. YAY?

somehow I'll show you that you are my night sky...Collapse )
13th-Nov-2008 01:24 pm - Princess Princess: A Moment in Heaven
pink girl
Well, this is an Akira x Mitaka fic I wrote after I first finished reading the manga. I really like the way it turned out. It makes me happy and I hope maybe the fluff will make some of you happy as well XD

a moment with Akira Sakamoto is indistinguishable from a moment in heavenCollapse )
13th-Nov-2008 12:35 pm - Ouran Host Club icon batch 1
TamaHaru bear
YAY! Finally I got around to making some Ouran icons. Three of them were made for ouranhostaward's contest, but the rest are random XD ENJOY!

icons rest below the cutCollapse )
12th-Nov-2008 09:13 am - Ouran Host Club: Little White Lie
Kasanoda friendship
Well, here's another Ouran fic XD I wrote this a while ago for one of ouran_contest's challenges. It's Tamaki x Haruhi, but also focuses on the very big difference between the way he feels about her and Kyouya.
XD Tamaki is such an honest person, I think it's funny to write him in situations where he goes mad from the guilt of lying to his precious daughter XDDDD

in which Tamaki lies for the first time...Collapse )
11th-Nov-2008 12:13 pm - Ouran Host Club: Kisses From a Rose
TamaHaru bear
Well, as my first entry I'll post a prompt fic I wrote a few months ago ^^ It's for Ouran High School Host Club, and it centers on the Tamaki x Haruhi relationship.

the more I get of you the stranger it feels, nowCollapse )
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